Here is where I will post about updates to the program.

01-19-2024: I fixed and updated both NLTNC and NL-APTM to use a config file inside the jar file so that I can update the target html's class and xpath without changing the code, I've also updated the downloads pages and GitHubs.

01-15-2024: Just checked on the program and it seems that NCBI updated again, breaking both programs. I will be working to fix both and will update this page when it is done.

11-13-2023: I updated NLTNC with the same stuff that I did to NL-APTM, reformatted some stuff too.

11-03-2023: I updated NL-APTM with a few bug fixes, including one that fixed the accession isolation from grabbing end parentheses, which before it would grab them which would corrupt the tree file when replacing the name. I will update NLTNC when I can.

10-25-2023: Major update to NL-APTM! made the program have selectors so that you can select what you want in the CSV file. I also made it so that the program can overwrite and rename the original tree file. This update essentially combines NLTNC and the original NL-APTM!

09-20-2023: I discovered that they updated the NCBI website again, so I had to change the "class" portion of getName() that uses getElementsByClass so that it selects the right element on the webpage.

07-18-2023: Made a GUI based on the NLTNC GUI for NL-CAFC, works pretty good.

07-16-2023: I updated another program I made called NL-CAFC (NewmanLab CRISPRDetect Array Fasta Converter). I updated this website to showcase it too, needs a lot of work before it is ready, but the current version works so...

07-12-2023: I got the NL-APTM program and altered it to work with the pre-existing NLTNC GUI, so that's good. Working on making it's own GUI.

07-06-2023: I went back to an older program called NL-APTM (NewmanLab-Accession Processor and Table Maker) and updated it to selenium. Had to rewrite a lot of it but it works again now so that is good. made a new page for the downloads and updated this website to showcase it, might add some pictures. it currently is console only, so I'm working on making it compatable with the GUI of NLTNC.

07-05-2023: I've switched the program from just JSoup doing everything to Selenium scraping and JSoup for processing the data. This makes the program more accurate as it scrapes the dynamic content from the NCBI webpage, but it also makes it slower. Way slower. Working on a way to improve speed and some other things :)

07-02-2023: I've fixed the GUI issues, so that's good. There are still some stuff I need to tweak in the program though...